We know that great landscape provides more than just a nice outside space. It has the ability to improve the value of a property and enhance the experience of a place. It can provide peace in the chaos of the city, allow for reconnection with nature and provide a place to enjoy being outdoors. 


We provide the following services; 

  • Understanding your landscape needs/dreams

  • Giving you a concept (project) that you want

  • Describing how this idea is built 

  • Presenting the costs

  • Organising the construction of the landscape

There are 4 primary steps in the realisation of a landscape, as follows:

1. Design

2. Construction of hard landscape

3. Construction of soft landscape

4. Maintenance 

OCLA undertakes the first step of the development of your garden, while offering the service of accompanying you through the following steps

Landscape Architect based in Cape Town.  Qualified Landscape Architect and specialist in garden design. Experience in designing landscape of all types; water-wise gardens, dry gardens, eco gardens, sustainable gardens, tropical gardens, hotel gardens, rooftop gardens, farms, safari lodges, developments…Project experience in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Africa, France.