The typical journey of a project from its creation to its realization is described below. This process may have to be adapted according to the expectations of the owners, but also the scope of the project.


Step 1: Consultation A first meeting is carried out on the site, in order to apprehend all the aspects of the place, as well as the wishes of the owners (habits of life, aesthetic expectations, budget allocated to the project). This step is followed by a survey of the land by a surveyor or by the landscape architect according to the size of the site and its topography. Following this meeting, the first sketches are made.


Step 2: Development of the draft On the basis of information obtained during the discovery of the site, a foreground accompanied by graphic documents (cuts, perspectives, aerial views, inspirational notebook) showing the rendering of the spaces, the style of the layout are presented to the master of the site. the work. The latter will be able to share his remarks, so that they are integrated into the future development of the project.


Step 3: Project Development Following discussions with the project owner, the project becomes more precise. More detailed drawings (execution plan, planting plan) are presented. After validation of the final project, tenders are sent. The choice of the most suitable companies to carry out the project is done by mutual agreement.


Step 4: Monitoring the project realization During this stage, companies begin work under the direction of the landscape architect who ensures the smooth running of the site and the respect of the methods of construction and planting, until the good reception of the book.